Sample WebMaestro Sites

(View the sites to see UI and configuration options.)

Demo Site: This is our default demo site that shows many but not all of the most significant UI features in WebMaestro. This include a collapsed auction catalog, custom header logo, etc.
MFB Foundation (CHP): This site is more colorful than the demo site. Among other things, it shows an expanded auction catalog, page background image, and a slideshow of featured auction items.
The NOAH Center (AHP): This site is more colorful than the demo site. This site uses the Auction Home Page. It also has a page background image and a sponsors slideshow.
White Center Food Bank: This site shows how to use an Event Image, Featured Items slideshow, and a map in Home Page Right. It also contains a variety of text and images in Home Page Left.
Birthday Dreams Gala: Home pages are made up of three main parts; the catalog menu, home page left, and home page right. All parts are optional. This site turned off the catalog menu to give more room to home page left.
Ignite Spree: This site takes a minimalist approach that includes a background color, a visible but empty menu section, and some very useful donation information links in Home Page Left. NOTE: Here is another donations idea. Create an Wishlist containing items you would like for your auction and include a link to the Wishlist on your home page.